Shift with Intention… and Soar!

Your Guide to Manifesting Your Best Life

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There are many shifts in life, some very small – but end up creating the largest ripple and some shifts are quite large creating an entirely new life.

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About the Author

Jaime Zografos

My intention with this anthology was to attract the right people to share their story to help provide hope and a collection of ideas for others to start to learn how to shift their lives. I am humbled by the authors that have chosen to be in this collection of stories. Each is handpicked to bring different insights. I am grateful for each and every one of them. This book would not be possible had they not believed in me and my mission for the book. Each one of these authors has a giving heart. This incredible project has been sourced from a higher power and I am simply the facilitator; in that, I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity.

With love and grace,

About the Book

Cancer, car accidents, divorce, crippling self-sabotage – these are just a few of the adversities that the authors of this book were faced with before they had shifts that ultimately changed the course of their lives.

Through their heartfelt reflections, you will read about more than 40 pivotal moments that form the common denominator of this anthology: a shift into the giving and loving heart to help others.


In Shift With Intention: Your Guide to Manifesting Your Best Life, these __ authors share their differing experiences about how they:

• Find direction when feeling lost
• Set healthy, but difficult boundaries with themselves
• Grow into a loving mindset
• Shift with intention and SOAR!

If you’re ready to make an intentional shift in your life and discover the path that guides you out of the weeds of adversity, this book provides the inspiration you need.